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Parents Who Speak English: Alberto Herranz

Alberto’s testimonial about his PWSE experience: ‘An extremely positive experience that was both challenging and rewarding. I was exquisitely well looked after by the School team, felt very well supported with the preparation and advice for the event and emotionally supported as well. I enjoyed giving the presentation and It was a real pleasure singing […]


Parents Who Speak English: Roberto Pablos

Roberto’s testimonial about his PWSE experience: “A BIG THANK YOU to the School and its students for an amazing evening of talking, debate, reflection, problem solving and dreaming of a better society in English”. Roberto Pablos Peñalver, Mediador Civil y Mercantil y Economista Colegiado, nos ofreció una estupenda experiencia pedagógica que consideramos altamente formativa para […]


Parents Who Speak English: The Dry Ice Experiment

María ’s testimonial about her PWSE experience: ‘It has been a real pleasure and a fantastic experience, trying to introduce the children to the magical world of Science’. Nuestro taller de introducción a la investigación ‘EM JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB’ vivió su momento culminante el pasado lunes 23 de marzo. Ese día contamos con la magnífica intervención de María Montes Casado, […]