Admission and Fees

Registration period

New students


Our school is an after-school centre and is open to new students all year round. Parents are always welcome to visit the school so we can meet with them, inform them about the way our school works, show them our classrooms, introduce them to our teachers and answer any questions they may have.

Existing students and new admissions

To apply for or confirm a place for the next academic year, application forms must be submitted to the admin team before the 31st of May.

The Admission/ Application process



All that is required to become a student at our school is to submit the completed application forms, along with the necessary documentation, to the admin team.


A passport-sized photo and the parent or guardian’s bank details.

Due to the greatly increased demand for places in certain groups, the admission process is selective. Priority is given to existing students and to children who have siblings in the school.

Applications to reserve a place will be accepted in strict chronological order, according to the date they are submitted to the admin team.

Waiting lists

In the case of all available places being filled in a particular group, we will draw up a waiting list of up to 10 applicants per group. Students that remain on the list throughout the school year without being offered a place will have priority over new students when the registration period re-opens. This list will be updated each year.