About Us

We are a private after-school centre specializing in teaching English as a foreign language to children in their first stages of learning:

  • Pre-Nursery and Nursery School (0-6 years)
  • Primary School (6-12 years).

Encarna Márquez MolinaWe also offer University Work Placements, Training Placements and Teacher Training.
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Students of Secondary School age (12-18 years), university students and adults are also welcome.

Management: Encarna Márquez Molina

Our school is ACTIVE, EXPERIMENTAL, and extremely PRACTICAL, teaching only the most authentic English: English exactly as it is spoken in real life. Our pupils learn spoken English and theory never comes before practice. (See Educational Model)

We believe firmly in the IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION FROM BIRTH TO THE AGE OF 6 and of the continuous learning process. (See Teaching principals)

The school’s methodological approach is oral, natural and communicative. We believe that teaching a language involves communicative interaction and practical use first and foremost, followed by a process of perfection, reflection, analysis and study of the language through formal activities such as reading and writing. (See Approach)

Games, rhythm, music, movement, body language, poetry, dance, theatre, communication, conversation, dialogue and participation form the base upon which our work is carried out.

The School Itself: An Open Educational Space

The Encarna Márquez School of English (for little people… and not so little!) offers a space that is warm, familiar and stimulating, where children can engage, play, interact and communicate with British teachers and where they can learn to listen to, familiarise themselves with, distinguish, “tune in to”, understand, repeat, speak, practise and use the English language naturally.