Teachers for the First Semester of 2014-2015

Introducing our new team of British teachers from the University of Bath: Kate, Jessica, Alessandra and Catherine will be with us until the end of January. They have come over from England looking forward to teaching and meeting us all. John and Ollie, who were with us during the first semester of last year, have […]

New teachers for the 2015 semester

A warm WELCOME to Savannah Davis, Rory Hudson and Robert Morgan from the University of Bath and Kate Cole from the University of Liverpool, who will be with us until the end of the school year. We are delighted to have them with us! Nine teachers throughout the entire month of January! This is a […]

Parents Who Speak English: Dr Ángeles Gallego

‘My work at the hospital’ Tuesday 10 March was a very special day for the groups of pupils between five and six and six and seven years of age in our School of English. That afternoon we rolled back the yellow partition that separates Classroom 1 and Classroom 3 and transformed the space into the […]

Parents Who Speak English: The Dry Ice Experiment

Our introductory research workshop ‘EM JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB’ all came together on Monday 23 March. We were treated to a wonderful presentation by María Montes Casado, a biochemist and specialist in immunology at the National Centre of Microbiology in Majadahonda. Who, as a scientist and participant in our PARENTS WHO SPEAK ENGLISH section, brought everything […]

School Holidays

The school will remain closed for the holidays until Tuesday 1 September. You will receive confirmation of each pupil’s assigned group and timetable in due course after that date. CLASSES FOR THE 2015-2016 ACADEMIC YEAR will begin on Monday 14 September. FAREWELL TO THE 2014-2015 ACADEMIC YEAR It has been an active, energetic, vibrant and […]