Advanced Teacher Training Courses

Teaching English to Young Children

Our school is an education centre for advanced teacher training and, from October to June, offers private courses aimed at Pre-school and Primary School English teachers and teaching professionals.

A Practical Course Taught within the Classroom

Teacher Training Guide for Pre-school and Primary School English Teachers: What to teach, How and When


The course offers a programme that specializes in teaching foreign languages to children from birth to the age of 6 and between the ages of 6 and 12 and aims to:

  • Provide the teacher with a Teacher Training Guide for teaching English at Pre-school and Primary School, which deals primarily with: WHAT to teach (i.e. the content), HOW to teach it effectively (i.e. the methodology and approach each session takes) and WHEN to teach it (i.e. at which age to start, how frequent the sessions are and how long they last, etc.)
  • Introduce participants to techniques, strategies and activities that correspond to the components of the child’s sensory-motor, psychomotor, cognitive and psycholinguistic development from birth to the age of six and between the ages of 6 and 12. These components suit language development and make the assimilation of new sounds and structures through rhythm, music, movement, perceptual ability stimulation, play and expression, easier.

The course is intended for

Teachers, teaching professionals, educators, parents and all those who are interested in teaching a foreign language to children from birth to the age of 12.


  • The course is fundamentally practical and very active. Students work with the teacher in the classroom from day one, observing the everyday nature of the sessions, taking part in the classes, and playing an active role in every exercise and game for each of the different age groups (ages 2-12).
  • We work using rhythm, music, movement, play and physical expression.
  • Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes.
  • The work schedule is split into ten two-hour sessions. The course is designed for a maximum of three students.


Encarna Márquez (teacher, speech therapist, psycomotrician)

Evaluation criteria and method

  • 100% attendance is obligatory.
  • The course content questionnaire must be filled out.
  • Three practical classes must be planned and completed

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance with a record of the number of hours worked.

Minimum requirements for admission

  • Must have completed an undergraduate degree.
  • In the case of the student not having completed a degree, he or she can request the Head Teacher’s authorization as long as they have completed their GCSEs (Graduado en Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) and A-Levels (Graduado de Educación Secundaria) and a Technical Assistance (Técnico Auxiliar) or Technician (Técnico) Programme or have passed the University Access Test for over 25s (Curso de Acceso a la Universidad para mayores de 25 años).
  • Intermediate level English or, in the case of foreign students, intermediate level Spanish.

Applying to register (Enrolment)

In order to apply for enrolment to any of the courses offered by the school, the following documents must be sent or brought in to reception:

  • A letter to the head teacher outlining your reasons for taking the course.
  • An up-to-date copy of your CV.
  • A photocopy of your degree or course certificates as proof of having the qualifications necessary to meet the admission requirements.
  • A photocopy of your D.N.I (Spanish identification number), passport or N.I.E (Spanish identification number for foreigners), in the case of foreign students.
  • Two current passport-sized photographs.
  • For applicants residing in Spain, an interview will take place prior to admission. For applicants residing abroad, a Skype or telephone interview will take place prior to admission.

Finalizing your registration

  • Once the applicant has been told that their application has been successful, they can proceed with finalizing their registration via the forms provided at the school’s reception.
  • Payment for places must be made via bank transfer.

Number of places available

The maximum number of students is 3 per course.

Course length

  • The course lasts 20 hours in total.
  • Two-hour sessions, from Monday to Friday between 4 and 8pm.
  • Soon after the admission date, every student will receive a Personal Calendar specifying the exact dates and times for the course