Our Approach

Methodological approach

escuela_ingles20The school’s methodological approach is oral, natural and communicative. We believe that teaching a language involves communicative interaction and practical use first and foremost, followed by a process of perfection, reflection, analysis and study of this language through formal activities such as reading and writing

The school’s main aim is:

To teach spoken English to children, first developing their ability to understand and speak the language and, later, to read and write (in that order). A language is spoken. That is the first step. Writing is the graphical representation of a spoken language and is a subsequent step. Interest in the language must initially be stimulated by the sound, rhythm and music of the new language that is being learnt. Thus, we create an fundamental oral base which, in time, supports the development of reading and writing skills.

We teach children spoken English and develop their ability to understand and speak the language and, later, to read and write.

Our Approach: Understanding and Speaking English

We use a combination of Vocal Rhythm and Gestural Melody, our own unique way of teaching languages to children in the early stages of development using rhythm and gestures. We highlight the importance of the melody in a sentence, exploit the way the body works through rhythm, music and movement and use play in all its aspects as a comprehensive activity. We develop perceptual ability and make use of multisensory learning stimulation and the body’s expressive capabilities through signs, gestures, mime and body language.

The Six Essential Didactic Principles for Early Foreign Language Teaching (Preschool and Primary Education)