Our Classes

The Class Rotation and Multiple Teachers Systems

  • IMG_0145_2The children change classroom and teacher three times per day at our school.
  • Hour-long classes (for Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday groups) are divided into three 20-minute sessions.
  • 90-minute classes (for Friday groups) are divided into three 30-minute sessions.

A different set of activities are carried out in each of the three classrooms, which correspond to the different aspects the general structure of our program covers. This ensures that we pay equal attention to the form, content and use of the language.

At the same time, our very own system of class rotation and multiple teachers affords children the opportunity to be taught by at least three different teachers, with different voices and accents, every day. This allows us to make the very most of their auditory perception and discrimination skills (their “ear” and auditory comprehension) and of their articulatory reproduction skills (their pronunciation) in each and every session.

Our Classes

Frequency of the sessions

Our program offers the choice between:

  • Two one-hour classes per week: Mondays and Wednesdays / Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    (Rotation System: The classroom and teacher changes take place every 20 minutes)
  • A single 90-minute session per week: Friday.
    (Rotation System: The classroom and teacher changes take place every 30 minutes)

There is a maximum of 16 pupils per group.