How We Work / How They Learn

Our Teaching Programme

Primeros-planos-3Our teaching programme is based on a psycholinguistic, cognitive, constructivist model and affords children the opportunity to come into contact with English from an early age just as it occurs in real life.

We work with groups of children from the age of 18 months and provide Massage and Games courses for parents and babies from the age of 6 months.


The games, exercises and activities we use are always adapted to the specific needs and abilities of our students at each stage of their development.

Our programme is focussed on stimulating verbal comprehension and active communication until the children can express themselves.

English for Little People

From the outset, we use a comprehensive, exclusively oral methodology which allows us to work on the vocal and phonetic abilities of very young children (from birth until the age of 6).


The children learn English in a similar way to the manner in which we learn our mother tongue; through rhythm, intonation, movement, gesture, expression, play, music, rhyme, dialogue, little dramatizations of everyday situations and plenty of repetition.

As such, the children quickly develop their ability to understand the language and learn how to pronounce its sounds effortlessly. They automatically acquire an extensive vocabulary and learn how to use large number of linguistic structures and forms. They also learn how to manipulate a large number of functional sentences appropriately and correctly, which they use naturally in class with perfect intonation and a good accent.

…and Not So Little!

In subsequent stages, we gradually introduce reading and writing, complementing oral learning with individual, analytical work that will help students perfect what has been learnt and understand the syntax and workings of the English language (ages 6-12 + stage).