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Parents Who Speak English

We have introduced a new section to our School called ‘Parents who Speak English’ a platform allowing direct collaboration between the School and those who wish to contribute by giving short presentations about their professional careers to the groups that your children belong to explaining ‘Why Speaking Good English is Important for your Career’. Carla Sacramento, the […]


Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year

We are very happy to be back at School! A big thank you to everyone for making this School of English possible. We return ready to work and to continue making our English School a centre of excellence which distinguishes itself by consistently achieving the highest possible standards of education. About Us We love our […]


Holidays at the School

Closed for holidays.  The school will remain closed for holidays until Monday 1 September. You will receive an email confirming the group and time assigned to each pupil. Classes for School Year 2014-2015 Classes will begin on Monday 15 September. Kate, Jessica, Alessandra and Catherine will be the first team of teachers and they will be with us from […]


Goodbye to the school year 2013-2014

What a fantastic year! We’ve learnt lots with the help of Pauline, Florence, John, Ollie, Anoushka, Hannah and Will. It’s been great fun working with them. We’ll always remember them and we promise them that we’ll continue to practise and perfect everything they taught us. We hope that they come back to visit us very […]


Welcome to the Encarna Márquez School of English

“Welcome to the school’s web page!” We are delighted to present our very own online area where you can find detailed descriptions of who we are, how we work, the pedagogical principals we base our work on, the educational model we follow and the methodology we use. The site will also keep you up to […]