Parents Who Speak English: Dr Ángeles Gallego

‘My work at the hospital’

Tuesday 10 March was a very special day for the groups of pupils between five and six and six and seven years of age in our School of English. That afternoon we rolled back the yellow partition that separates Classroom 1 and Classroom 3 and transformed the space into the stage we reserve for special occasions. Instead of our normal classes, teachers and students alike attended a talk that Dr Ángeles Gallego Lombardo came to give us in English about her profession and what her job entails.

Dr Ángeles is a Lead Technologist in Diagnostic Imaging at the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid and her presentation was particularly interesting.


She showed us photographs of the impressive X-ray machines that she uses every day in the hospitals and the X-ray pictures the machines take.


We learned how to interpret these images, which are called radiographs and help doctors to see what is happening inside our bodies, so they can tell whether a bone or organ is damaged and decide upon the appropriate treatment to cure us.


We met Pepe, a very friendly skeleton, who was made up from head to toe of radiographs from all the parts of the body, and we learned the names of the most important bones in English.


We also saw the lungs which show up as two enormous black patches because they are full of air and, between them, the white area represents the heart. Dr Ángeles also showed us how to look after these vitally important organs properly.

THANK YOU Dr Ángeles. We were delighted that you took part in this joint educational project that the School offers parents and to share such a charming and enjoyable time with you.


Dr Ángeles is the mother of Iván and Sergio González Gallego and aunt of Guillermo and Alejandro Mateus Gallego and Daniel and Paula Tirado Gallego. When she was little she was also one of my students. It was a different time, but it seems like only yesterday…

THANK YOU Sara, Lidia and Dr Ángeles Gallego Lombardo. I am truly honoured that a family has shown such confidence in me and it is a great privilege to teach second generations.

After 25 years of experience in the profession, my passion for teaching remains intact. You can count on my enthusiasm and rest assured that I will give my all.