Practice English with audio activities: lemon Tree

Why not try this listening exercise to practise your comprehension skills and learn a wonderful song all in one go.

Florence and Pauline worked a lot on this song during the first trimester of the academic year, Lemon Tree by the group Fool’s Garden, with various groups of students. It was so successful that today it´s a ´favourite´ of the school’s. Thank you Pauline and Florence, we will always remember you whenever we hear this great tune.
Hei Man Florence ChuiPauline de Reynal

How to do the exercise:

Click on the Video to listen to the song and read the lyrics as many times as you want. Enjoy the music, familiarise yourself with the tune, learn it and try to sing to the rhythm, imitating the pronunciation that you hear as best as possible. If you don´t understand what is being said at first, it doesn´t matter.

Download the text and fill in the gaps with the words that are missing. Read it and use a dictionary to find out the meaning of the words you don´t understand. Now sing it with a good understanding of the lyrics, always trying to achieve the most precise pronunciation you can.

Download the text

Practise lots and enjoy!