Our recommendations for practising English at home

Here are a few tips for parents who want to help reinforce their children´s English learning at home.

The options are numerous, easy and fun. From songs, books, games as well as online games to an au pair. The secret is to find activities which you find most comfortable, those which seem most attractive and interesting to you, and to choose the most suitable option for you. And the more you do them, the better!

Expose your children to as much English as possible, get them used to watching films and original versions of cartoons, take them on trips (being in other countries will teach them the importance of learning other languages), listen to songs in English (music will lead them to the dictionary in order to discover what the lyrics of the songs they like mean) and have fun playing online and using audio books (they are fantastic).

A few suggestions:

  • “Consigue que tu hijo sea bilingüe” by Bárbara Zurer (Ed.Bilingual Readers), a step-by-step manual to guide parents on this exciting adventure. It explains how to create a learning environment, how to design suitable strategies and where to find the resources.
  • A Bookshop catalogue – Booksellers in Madrid www.booksellers.es  which includes audios, DVD, CD and activity books.
  • Storyline Online www. storyonline.net is a project run by the American Screen Actors Guild Foundation. There are stories told by actors along with illustrated pages on the screen.
  • National Geographic Kids www.kids.nationalgeographic.com a page of games exposing children to themes of nature, geographical exploration and scientific exploration.

We hope that all these sources will be useful to you and that you have lots of fun listening, reading, investigating, practising and… learning English!