Don’t forget to continue practising English over the summer!

The internet offers us an incredible variety of possibilities to practise English anytime, anywhere. Explore the web and choose the option that’s most suited to your tastes and needs. Go for it, you will love it!


‘Touch Look Listen– First Words- Android Apps on Google Play’. I quite like this application for the younger students and it’s perfect for parents and children to share moments of reading and learning. It’s available in various languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese and American English and it offers numerous interesting activities. Have a look. I think you’ll like it. Enjoy!!


DUOLINGO, free language learning for everyone (reading and writing skills are needed to use this application).

After trying and enjoying it, we at Encarna Márquez’s School of English recommend DUOLINGO to you – it is an easy, fun and didactic application for learning English… completely free and no ads!

DUOLINGO, created by Luis Von Ahn, a 34 year old Guatemalan mathematician and Professor at the Carnegie Melton University, is a website designed for free language learning but at the same time it is a crowdsourcing platform for the translation of texts. The service is tailor-made so that the user progresses in their learning by helping to translate web pages and other documents. It offers English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese courses. Alongside its desktop version, it also offers an application for iPhone, Android and Chrome. This means that you can learn English on all your devices. So now you don’t have any excuse!

The course is laid out as a game and consists of a tree made up of levels which become more and more advanced. You must pass each one to be able to unlock the next level. Each level has 15 questions and ‘the player’ has 3 lives to succeed. One of the characteristics that we like a lot about DUOLINGO is every level you must pass consists of different types of tests that require the main language skills: pronunciation, grammar, direct and indirect translation, oral comprehension and written comprehension. It’s a very enjoyable application and it can be very addictive with its system of points, lives and rewards.


There is, however, a drawback that we find very annoying: the correction system of direct translations (from English to Spanish) is quite frustrating. At times you will fail and lose lives undeservingly as it’s translation is Latin Spanish: they can be full of Americanisms and too literal which surprisingly at times doesn’t accept perfect translations in Castilian, the Spanish we speak in Spain. If you can put up with this, the use of this application is well recommended and didactic.

You can log in using your Facebook profile and see how your friends are doing. It’s a lot of fun! Why not download it or use it via the web and get to the end of the DUOLINGO tree like we have done. You will learn lots and have a great time. Go for it!!